Best Light Pink Nail Polish Wraps

Best Light Pink Nail Polish Wraps

It’s no secret that light pink nail polish is the most popular of all the nail color choices, for good reason. It makes for a great neutral and since it can come in so many different shade variations, it’s easy to find the right one for all skin tones. 

While, according to Theresa Yee at WGSN, “Post-pandemic, consumers will re-embrace bold color”, there is just something timeless about pale pink nails that will always keep us coming back, no matter what nail trends are hitting the forefront of fashion.

Why Light Pink Nail Polish is Our Goto Favorite

  • It’s Neutral - A nice pale pink nail polish can compliment and complete any outfit.
  • It’s Classic - It’s been the number 1 nail polish color for decades.
  • It’s Chic AF - The fashion girls wear it because they know it’s forever stylish.

We’ve rounded up our top pale pink nail polish wraps, including pale pink nail art styles for your DIY nail art needs.

  1. Ballerina

    This is our number 1 best selling pale pink polish. WGSN has listed “putty pink” as a number 1 color trend for the later half of 2021 and this one is about as perfect “putty pink” as it gets.

  2. Devil in the Details

    Does it get any better than the sweet and sassy pairing of a pale pink polish with a classic red detail? It’s obvious, we don’t think so.

  3. Palm Springs

    This style includes another trend of 2021, “playful pastels”, and includes a pretty lavender with some turquoise pops.

  4. Coral

    This nail polish shade includes more peach tones and is beautiful against dark skin, but will work with light skin tones as well.

If you’re wondering why to choose our light pink gel polish strips over traditional nail polish, we’ll remind you why.

Benefits of Stanley Pop Nail Wraps Over Traditional Nail Polish

  • It’s Non-Toxic
  • It’s Easy and Fast to Apply
  • No Mess
  • No Drying Time
  • No Fumes
  • Won’t Damage Nails

Stanley Pop nail wraps allow you to achieve the latest nail art trends, without breaking the bank in the salon or having to leave your house. Not to mention, if you are totally inept at doing nail art on yourself (which we are too), you have Stanley Pop to make it look like you are a nail art pro!

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