How to do an Easy DIY Manicure with Nail Art at Home

How to do an Easy DIY Manicure with Nail Art at Home

Ever since the pandemic, many manicures have taken place in homes all around the world. Not only was it a safer choice but, also an inexpensive option too! What if I told you that you can do an easy DIY manicure with nail art at home for only $11?

I'm serious!

No longer are the days of needing to book an appointment at the nail salon and spend a ton of money to have rad nail polish art! With Stanley Pop nails, you can stick on and go.

No mess, no drying time, no nail damage!

Why Stanley Pop’s DIY Nail Manicure Nail Wrap Strips are Different

Our nail polish wrap strips are made with the same ingredients as regular nail polish. The difference is that nail polish strips are applied to your nail just like a sticker, so you can create a professional quality DIY nail art manicure at home.

This means:

  • No messy application
  • No drying time
  • Zero toxic fumes
  • No need for a UV light
  • Easy to remove
  • Won't damage your nails
  • AND they last longer than paint nail polish

How to Apply Stanley Pop’s Easy DIY Manicure Nail Art at Home

Easy DIY Manicure with Nail Art at Home Instructions

  1. Make sure you start off with clean nails. You want to use soap and wash off any oils or lotions that may be on your nail beds.
  2. Take your Stanley Pop Nail Art out of the package and remove the clear cover.
  3. Next, peel off the polish strip.
  4. Then, apply to your nail. You’ll need to gently stretch the polish strip to fit your nail bed.
  5. After you applied the polish strip to your nail, use a nail file to file off any excess polish strip.
  6. Last, but optional, apply a topcoat of your choice for a longer lasting mani.
  7. FLAUNT THOSE NAILS and make sure to tag us, @stanleypop, so we can see your DIY nail art manicure and share it for the world to see!

The Top 5 Nail Design Trends for Summer 2021

Enough about the colors, what about the designs? According to Cosmopolitan, here are the top nail design trends for Summer 2021!

  • Color Blocking
  • Tropical Sunset
  • Abstract
  • Duel Finish
  • Pink Marble

Want to stay on trend this summer with your nails?

Stanley Pop can make that happen! Check out our easy DIY nail art design wraps you can do at home for the perfect manicure, inspired by the hottest trends this summer!

What’s your favorite DIY nail art design trend?

We’d love to know your favorite DIY nail art design trend at the moment. Comment your favorite below. See a trend that’s not on our list? Let us know in the comments your go-to nail trend!

Don’t forget! All of Stanley Pop’s nail polish wraps are only $11! When you buy 4, you get an extra pair for FREE. Spend more than $25 and get FREE shipping! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we drop the next hottest nail art design wraps for your next easy DIY nail art manicure at home.

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