Negative Space Nail Designs

Negative Space Nail Designs

We are loving all of the different nail art designs trending on social media right now. Everyone is jumping on the nail art train and expressing themselves via a sick mani. One of the nail art trends we are especially loving right now is negative space nail designs and we are seeing them all over TikTok and Instagram.

What Are Negative Space Nail Designs?

What are negative space nail designs, you ask? Nail art designs that have transparency worked into them as part of the design. It’s a really modern take on nail art.

Negative space nail designs can be worn over bare nails for a modern, clean look or layered over your favorite nail polish color to get all kinds of different looks. 

Since we love them so much, we have a lot on Stanley Pop.


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If you're want the Y2K look, this style is for you. Shop Smiley.



These are a modern take on a french tips. Shop Black Moon - Transparent.


Holographic mermaid negative space nail design - nail wrap

For a subtle nail design, this mermaid nail wrap incorporates a lot of negative space. Shop Holographic Mermaid - Transparent.


Check out all of our Negative Space Nail Designs here.

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