Welcome to STANLEY POP!

Hi, I'm Jen, the founder of STANLEY POP - Los Angeles! I have to admit, I have never loved visiting the nail salon, BUT I do love having a great looking manicure. In 2019, I became a mom and got hooked on the ease of using nail polish wraps. I could apply them, while still be active with my daughter. I loved the concept, but was having a hard time finding designs I liked. Thus, the idea for STANLEY POP was born.

I spent a lot of time sourcing the best nail wraps, thin, long lasting and made with non-toxic nail polish ingredients. The designs are curated for a modern individual who wants to look polished and have fun expressing their style.

STANLEY POP is based out of my hometown of Los Angeles, where I live with my husband and daughter.

I want to hear from you, if you have anything you want to share - comments, ideas or anything else! Email: hello@stanleypop.com. 




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